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Amid Twitter purge, The College Fix loses 1,300 followers

  • A so-called Twitter purge that took place over the last five days saw big-name conservative accounts voicing alarm over losing large chunks of followers.
  • The College Fix can add to that chorus. Our stats show we lost about 1,300 Twitter followers over the last five days, dropping to about 16,400 followers on Sunday night.
  • The New York Post also reports that “Trump superfans are heading for the exits.”
  • “‘Goodbye Twitter’ trended during the early morning hours Saturday as people continued to come to grips with the leader of the free world being deplatformed,” the Post reported.
  • “…While it’s unclear exactly how many Twitter users are logging off and moving elsewhere, there has been an exodus for alternative platforms since Trump was banned.”
  • Twitter suspending people’s accounts because they deemed content offensive has angered me, but when they completely suspended President Trump’s account, that was it, and most of them quit and joined Parler.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Sunday editorial, headlined “The Progressive Purge Begins,” weighs in on the fact that Parler, the conservative alterative to Twitter, has also been axed this weekend by Big Tech. Google and Apple cut Parler from their app stores, and Amazon pledged to remove it from its cloud services.
  • The College Fix has been a member of Parler since April 2019. We have 17,000 followers and hope we can continue to communicate with them.

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