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Attack Ad From Left-Wing Activists Allowed to Trend On Twitter Inciting Violence Against Conservatives

  • Charlotte, NC — On Saturday, a group known as Really American released an attack ad against conservatives that went viral on Twitter.
  • The video reached over 2 million views by late in the evening and was trending as one of the top tweets.
  • The video depicts images of President Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Republican Sen.’s Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tommy Tuberville, and Rep. Kevin McCarthy.
  • The video depicts images of the riots around the Capitol and is calling to remove all of these Republicans.
  • As the video was being shared online, it was sparking outrage against conservatives. Comments ranged from remove all conservatives from the country, social media and the airwaves, and more.
  • Some said that these individuals destroyed lives and had sewn hate for years.
  • Apparently, no one on the Twitter threat recalls any of the riots throughout 2020 where the destruction caused millions in damages. Others were comparing the Republicans to Nazi Germany and Hitler, a common comparison in recent days.
  • Twitter allowing the video to exist on the platform and trend like this shows the bias of the organization.
  • Had this been a tweet from President Donald Trump,they would have blamed them for inciting violence and riots, spewing white supremacy and hate.
  • This is where the censorship issue becomes dangerous. By blocking President Donald Trump and others, Twitter and other big tech companies have pushed a divisive narrative. They are saying that it is ok to eliminate someone if you do not agree with what they say.
  • The bias and discrimination that are being displayed is astounding. This is not a promotion of free speech or an exchange of ideas. This is an outright attempt to eliminate nearly half of the US population from being able to exist in society.

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