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Behold CNN’s idea of a ‘terrorist’ who needs to be ‘isolated’ and impoverished

  • A hysterical CNN analyst wants “terrorist” Trump “isolated.” Oh, and she wants his money taken from him.
  • Juliette Kayyem called President Trump a ‘terrorist’ leader. That makes people who voted for him terrorists.
  • President Trump again denounced last week’s violence at the U.S. Capitol. It was then that Juliette declared the president to be the leader of a terrorist organization who must be removed and not just stripped of his power, but also his wealth.
  • “And I think what we have to remember is Trump is the spiritual, but I will also say the operational leader of this domestic terrorism effort,” Kayyem said nonsensically.
  • “He tells them where to go. He tells them what to do,” she said obviously having no respect for our intelligence.
  • Insulting Juliette continued, “He tells them why they’re angry. And so we need to start at the top, like any counterterrorism effort, which is isolation of the President of the United States,” the hyperbolic CNN today said. She continued, “Impeachment, yes, 25th Amendment, yes, de-platforming, yes, all of the above, no money, no access to campaign funds, a complete isolation.”
  • That’s insane, and it is the language of fascists and communists. They will not leave President Trump or his supporters or anyone who puts America First after leaving office.
  • The Left will go after Trump with endless lawsuits. They will also attempt to put him in prison and any of his supporters who do anything they don’t like.
  • We know the PBS lawyer wants re-education camps after Democrats take Republican children away from their parents (he was just fired). It’s only a hop to Gulags from there.
  • A racist Washington Post columnist said Trump supporters need to be “reprogrammed,” and worse.

Read the FULL article over at Ind. Sentinel by clicking here


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