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Biden’s immigration policy will destroy the Republic in months

  • Joe Biden will immediately transform this country, as we’ve said here, with illegal immigrants, and carefully-selected legal ones as well. They will come in and overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. Biden promised to deport no one for 100 days, including criminals. He doesn’t even see felons as felons. He’ll decide what a felon is, and it’s not, for example, drunk drivers who are here illegally.
  • Democrats have the power to give them all amnesty, and a path to citizenship and the vote.
  • The problem is whenever you have a huge influx of immigrants, they have not had time to assimilate and accept our values. Some of the people coming in are uneducated, poor, and needy. They will need the Democrat freebies that will crash our capitalist economy. Dems don’t like capitalism any longer.
  • In the document, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reveals it arrested 103,603 illegal aliens last fiscal year with a total of more than 374,000 convictions and charges.
  • Driving under the influence was the most popular conviction or charge at 74,000, followed by drug crimes (67,000), assaults (37,000), sex offenses (10,000), robberies (3,800), homicides (1,900), and kidnappings (1,600).
  • Among them is a Bosnian named Saudin Agani, who provided material support to a terrorist organization and has ties to the suspect who attacked two New York City police officers in 2020.
  • The people coming in now are majority criminals, dangerous criminals, and Biden plans to let a hundred million or more into the country before his term is up. Then they will get a path to citizenship.

Read the FULL article over at Ind. Sentinel by clicking here


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