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BREAKING: Twitter Deletes Three Trump Tweets, Locks His Account

  • Trump supporters stormed into the U.S. Capitol and prevented Congress from calculating the election college vote on Joe Biden On Wednesday.
  • Twitter blocked three of Trump’s tweets and locking his account for 12 hours as he again insisted that he won the 2020 election with an “landslide ” .
  • Twitter Safety announced that they removed tweets as this violates our Civic Integrity policy.
  • The platform added the account of [Donald Trump] will be locked for 12 hours if the tweets are not removed.
  • Twitter has flagged Trump tweets for supposed misinformation, but the platform has generally allowed the president’s tweets to remain up because they serve a public purpose.
  • Trump told the people who broke into the Capitol, “we love you, you’re very special.”
  • When the president warned about the dangers of mail-in voting, Twitter flagged Trump’s tweets before the election was completely wrong and also severely suppressed the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story, which may help Biden win the race.

Read the FULL article over at PJ Media by clicking here


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