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Candace Owens: Facebook is Paying Fact-Checkers Funded By Chinese Communist Party

  • Following the recent permanent ban of President Donald Trump’s Twitter account as big tech goes all out to silence conservative voices, activist Candace Owens is continuing to fight back against censorship with her lawsuit against Facebook’s biggest fact-checker lead stories.
  • As conservative social media users look for news apps to safely engaged in free speech, which won’t be for long since Google, Apple and Amazon have now booted Parler, the future looks bleak for speaking freely.
  • Owens announced in November she was launching a lawsuit against Facebook’s fact-checkers.
  • Last year, Owens challenged Facebook’s left-leaning fact-checking partner PolitiFact over a “false” rating — and won.
  • She alleged the fact-checkers are “activists for the left that shut down your speech if they don’t like it.”
  • Facebook’s third-party fact-checkers were forced to issue a correction and retract a “false” rating it labeled one of Candace’s posts about Joe Biden.
  • Owens gave an update on her battle with big tech censorship on Saturday.
  • The conservative firebrand has now announced a new target that she has set her sights on.
  • “Well, I’m suing a site called ‘Lead Stories,” Owens said in the video.

Read the FULL article over at Neon Nettle by clicking here


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