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Catching Soho Karen and Bringing Her to Justice

  • A woman wrongly accused a 14-year-old black teenager of stealing her iPhone. Later it turned out, she left her phone in a cab.
  • It took place in a Soho Hotel so the media called her Soho Karen since they didn’t know her name.
  • Her lawyer justified she was “scared” and anxious, rather than racist.
  • A reporter tracked her down to Los Angeles and asked her why she did it. She said “because I’m 22,” adding she’s Puerto Rican. Her name is Miya Ponsetto. The cancel culture uncovered her identity from social media.
  • Ponsetto chased the boy and apparently tried to tackle him.
  • New York City prosecutors are going to prosecute this young woman but won’t prosecute criminals who loot, set fires, destroy businesses.

Read the FULL article over at Ind. Sentinel by clicking here


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