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China Again Denies Pathetic WHO Access To Investigate COVID Outbreak

  • More than a year has passed since the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, but a team of investigators from the World Health Organization were once again denied entry into China to investigate its source.
  • Ten WHO officials will enter China this week to begin investigations and promise to treat the Wuhan Institute of Virology as a potential source of the pandemic. However the team was denied entry due to visa issues.
  • Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying addressed this as misunderstanding .
  • Chinese officials had previously refused to confirm any date of the team’s arrival.
  • The WHO has previously complained that China has not “invited” it to investigate the epidemic and has been criticized for supporting the Communist Party’s views.
  • Previously the WHO notoriously repeated Chinese claims that the coronavirus was not being transmitted between humans as late as mid-January last year, as the pandemic spread around the globe.
  • The Wuhan lab director has complained that scientists at the facility are being made scapegoats in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and that the lab has been unfairly made the centre of dangerous ‘conspiracy theories’, following US intelligence suggestions that it could have been the origin for the viral spread.

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