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China Owns America: The Shameful Auctioning Off of America’s Power

  • A deep sense of malaise seems to have settled over America.Our politicians, from the highest Biden to the lower state bureaucrats of Georgia Secretary of State Ravensburg, are embezzling and mocking us.The media lied to us. Technology companies will censor us and prevent the free flow of information.
  • Where do these troubles come from? Well, on one level, due to Covid, we have to endure more government incompetence than ever before. From the business world to your dinner at home, every aspect of American life is disturbed by national hypocrites. Not surprisingly, they did a poor job of “helping”, which made everyone’s life more difficult.
  • That is, like Senator Graham’s recent betrayal of conservatism, disappointing but not unsurprising.
  • The bitter reason things in America seem to be going downhill so quickly. We’re finally starting to feel the talons of the Chinese dragon sink into us.
  • Issue 1: America’s Corrupt Politicians are Owned by the Chinese
  • Issue 2: The Media Lies
  • Issue 3: Big Tech Censorship
  • Issue 4: The Decline of American Business
  • Issue 5: The Deterioration of American Culture
  • Why It’s a Problem that China Owns America : Our politicians have been bought off by the Chinese dragon. As long as China owns America’s media, the truth will remain a lamp hidden over a red blanket.Our businesses are no longer the best in the world. The British Empire shrunk from a quarter of the world to an island the size of Michigan because its politicians were lacking in vision and bravery.

Read the FULL article over at Gen Z Conservative by clicking here


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