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Chinese-Partnered Companies Control Over 75% Of Voting Machines In 2020 Elections

  • An infuriating news to any independent voter claims direct evidence provided by CD Media shows that the Chinese government cooperated with companies that control more than 75% of the voting machines used in the 2020 election. This is primary source evidence from the companies involved and includes instructions that make it easy to set up vote tampering.
  • The following is a letter from the North Carolina Voter Commission to ES&S, Clear Ballot Group and Hart InterCivic. You will discover why they refuse to answer such questions.
  • To date, no explanation has been provided on how investors, shareholders, or ownership percentages can obtain independent actual or potential commercial value in ways that are not known or easily determined.
  • Unisyn,which is a solid long-term Chinese PRC business partner, ES&S, and Dominion, these three companies control 75% of the voting machines in use today.
  • ILTS is wholly owned by Berjaya Corporation. Berjaya headquarters is in Malaysia but it is registered in China. ILTS is the world’s largest manufacturer of voting machine equipment.
  • Berjaya Corporation Bhd (BCorp) is partnering China Sports Lottery HKJC INFOTECH (Beijing) Co Ltd (CSLJC) to explore opportunities to jointly develop a third-party lottery market under a responsible gaming framework.
  • The parties (Berjaya and China) inked a cooperation framework agreement today, which will be for an initial five-year term commencing from Aug 26, 2020, subject to renewal.
  • Berjaya Corp Bhd (BCorp) has proposed to collaborate with SAIC Motor Corp Ltd’s unit to manufacture, assemble and sell British car marque, Morris Garages (MG) in Malaysia. SAIC Group Co., Ltd.is a Chinese state-owned automobile design and manufacturing company headquartered in Shanghai. SAIC is the largest auto company listed on China’s A-share market.
  • Berjaya Corporation has been a PRC lottery partner since 1993. PRC partner link takes you directly to the government website and you have the option of becoming involved in People’s Republic of China(PRC) Party building work.
  • Since we have established a partnership that is essentially the Chinese government, directly holding elections in seven states, including swing states, the next focus is on the company’s influence and influence in the United States.

Read the FULL article over at CD Media by clicking here


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