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Chris Christie Thinks No One Will Remember What He Has Done in 2024

  • On Monday, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie continued his move away from his support of President Donald Trump. Christie, speaking with George Stephanopoulos, said that if he were in Congress, he would impeach President Donald Trump.
  • Christie said that Trump helped incite an insurrection at the Capitol last week and that if that act was not impeachable, he was not sure what would be. Christie carefully chose that word to back the current commentary of the mainstream media and Democrats for a reason.
  • Christie wants everyone to see him as anti-Trump, even though he was the first 2016 candidate to endorse President Donald Trump as part of the 2016 election cycle.
  • Just two weeks after dropping out of the 2016 race, Christie endorsed Trump.
  • The former NJ Gov. started distancing himself from Trump in recent months, attacking the President’s coronavirus response and seeming to grasp to the talking points of Democrats more than that of the Republicans.
  • In December, he was not shy about his desire to run for President in 2024. He remarked that his URL was still reserved and that the would not rule out a run. He even said that he would run for President against Donald Trump if that were the case.
  • Chris Christie believes that by the time 2024 gets here, Donald Trump will be a distant memory. He believes that Trump supporters will have moved on and no longer be those that are driving the Republican party.
  • Chris Christie believes that he can win in 2024 where Mitt Romney lost in 2012. He believes that Republicans will once again look for a moderate candidate, shunning a potential Trump 2024 run. He believes that no one will remember in just four years that he abandoned the Trump movement after supporting it.
  • Except those Trump supporters will remember. They are going to remember that you supported Trump but abandoned him when times became tough. They will remember you just as they do Mitt Romney, as a traitor who is anything but a true conservative.

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