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Fans Rip Washington’s Taylor Heinicke After Learning He Supports President Trump

  • Taylor Heinicke did a nice job filling in for starting quarterback Alex Smith, but the Washington Football Team lost to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first round of the playoffs, anyway.
  • All the while Heinicke made headlines by getting ripped — not for his play, but for (what else?) his political beliefs.
  • Namely, Heinicke was a known supporter of President Donald Trump.
  • Of course, so are a lot of professional athletes, but the social media mob decided to make Heinicke its entire football focus on Saturday.
  • Jemele Hill shared on twitter ,” Never forget that time Taylor Heinicke and I had a debate about Trump and he told me that $10 an hour was a livable wage, and then argued that being trump wasn’t a racist, just not politically correct”
  • Clearly, this is a testy time politically in this country, with the divide and anger between parties.
  • Those who support both sides perhaps as large as its ever been.
  • Sometimes, pro athletes are going to feel the heat as a result — regardless of their play on the field.
  • Heinicke finished 26-of-44 passing for 306 yards, with a touchdown and an interception.
  • Heinicke likely wasn’t focused on anything but the game and isn’t likely to respond nor try to explain himself for his politicial choices (nor should he).

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