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If Ashli Babbit’s Death Upsets You But Not George Floyd, Or Vice Versa, You’re Being Divided & Conquered

  • She breached multiple doors in the US Capitol, while accompanied by dozens of other rioters.
  • Ashli Babbit’s last moments alive were spent attempting to break into a heavily barricaded area, climbing through a window before being shot in the chest by a police officer.
  • Though she was breaking the law, she was unarmed when she was killed.
  • Babbit was a wife and a veteran and despite her royally screwed up mistakes and disregard for the law on January 6, her life mattered. That is undeniable.
  • Sadly, however, her death is being used to further stoke divide between the left and the right. Many on the right are hailing her as a hero and a martyr who died fighting for freedom.
  • She was there to support a man who advocated for a policy which ultimately led to her death.
  • In May, Trump famously advocated for the extrajudicial execution of people for doing exactly what Babbitt died doing. Remember, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”?
  • Because the right didn’t speak out against their ruler when he called for the extrajudicial murder of people for misdemeanors in May, it was ultimately used against them. This is the case 100 percent of the time and why standing up to tyranny should never take a back seat to party politics.
  • At the same time, however, the left is calling her a thug terrorist who deserved it and praising her death which is just as dangerous and repugnant.
  • Perhaps Babbit should have been arrested and charged under a domestic terrorism charge, but she never got that chance because she was gunned down while unarmed. It is not up police or to Twitter or anyone else to decide who lives and who dies for their alleged crimes.
  • In May, after George Floyd was killed, he became a martyr for the left who said that his life mattered and he should not have been killed.
  • They were entirely correct in this assertion. However, just like left is calling Babbit a thug and a terrorist, at the time of his murder, the right called Floyd a thug and a criminal and repeated the phrase of “if you don’t want to get killed by police, don’t break the law.”
  • This is how freedom dies — Political power is wielded over and over by both sides until there is nothing left by the police state, who then silences ALL dissent, regardless of party.

Read the FULL article over at Washington Standard by clicking here


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