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Rant- ramble – more questions than answers but here we go – – – – Folks – one thing I have to say which I’m sure is controversial, but the facts all point to it. We all know Trump is a Patriot. He would not leave the U.S. to fall to Marxism, China and the Deep State – UNLESS – the Deep State itself has been in charge the whole time. Trump merely had limited freedom, and was FORCED to hire people who hate him in various jobs, and who worked against him. CIA, FBI, Federal Reserve are all off limits it seems to the President even though he is above them. He and Biden and all Presidents, it seems MUST hire only approved Deep State folks.

So where does this leave us all? We are living in a dictatorship. A benevolent one it seems, at least for our own citizens, for the most part, but still a dictatorship.

They are now so brazen that in our faces they can defeat a president force all media to say as they wish. They are so powerful that even a Trump would walk away rather than fight for freedom. Obviously there is no fight – so the one thing I can say is we are not going Marxist. It seems Democrats and Republicans can play their retard games affecting us all. But the basics of defending the nation cannot be touched. Trump, Obama, all of their promises to stop bombings and attacks – and both could not close down anything. They can only talk. If the CIA-NSA says jump, like the Syrian attack Trump had to do, he and any President does it or various DOJ cases all pop up to destroy him and intensify. So be it, here we are, we know what we are, now what? I have no answers. There aren’t any Marxists to fight, yet anyway. No one is coming to our front door to confiscate weapons, as we all thought would be tried during Obama. If Antifa troops arrive to take our weapons, honestly we will kill them all from shore to shore in one hell of a violent revolution. But I don’t see it taking place – knowing that there is the almighty Deep State in charge – and ready to dismiss Biden, then the next President Harris and so on.

When did we first become a dictatorship? It looks like all of those supposed ‘Conspiracy’ stories are turning true.

Perhaps it was the Kennedy Assassination… that’s my guess, when the Military-CIA-NSA-Fed alliance of some sort (as these are the untouchable units of our ‘establishment’) took over. Since then all Presidents have had limited power. You could all see it in all Trump interviews, how he danced around his appointments that hated him from day 1. I mean really? Gina at the CIA? A Brennan groomed Leftist? Seriously? You see – Brennan, and the rest are untouchable. Even Trump has to hire them. That’s the deal. Keep your mouth shut and you cannot be touched. So Trump walks away and keeps his mouth shut. While in the White House he did the best he could under the circumstances. We could have no better. But Trump is still weak… maybe we all are, up against our hidden rulers.

I know Trump would not leave if he though China was using their influence and payments to the Biden family as leverage to destroy us. He would not calmly walk away as he did just now.

Not in a million years if he believed what General Flynn, Lin Wood, Sydney and Bannon and the rest all know to be true – if he believed it was China behind it all, I am 100% confident he would not walk away. He would have blown this all up and saved this nation. But he didn’t. So the people in charge are well known to him…. and will not surrender to China. Trump is confident, so I am slightly more at ease staring down the Marxist control being established. i know… this is all scary – same for us all. No one wants tyranny. But if the tyranny has been here and has been soft for the most part for many decades, what do we do aside from reject both political parties from this point forward. I really have no answers. Only questions that lead to more questions.

So what do we all do? Carry on… do our best, and never give up our Constitution. If any government tries, then we have to end that government, but my guess is Biden, and the next President Harris will not touch our 2nd.

So many more questions than answers, and the frustration in watching a stolen election be accepted, and a fake installed Deep State President be put in who did not even campaign and saw a massive defeat with real votes…. well, what do we do? The only thing making this tragedy tolerable in my own little head is this dictatorship has been here for decades. Most Americans alive now were born into it. Now what? Only time will tell. Sgt Pat – yeah I rambled, did not edit, so be it. Just needed to vent.