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Mark Levin: I’m SICK of Fauci’s Lies

At the pandemic’s inception, Dr. Fauci was hailed as an apolitical steadying force who would help lead America through the chaos. But as President Trump moved decisively to save American lives, Fauci’s advice changed with the wind: The virus isn’t serious. The virus is a killer. Masks don’t work. Wear a mask! Ten months later it is time to ask: with 240,000 Americans dead from the Wuhan virus, where does the blame lay and what has Dr. Fauci really accomplished? From Fauci’s flip-flops to the Presidents decisive moves, Mark reveals the good doctor as the ultimate left-leaning political animal who’s only good advice is to wear a mask and social distance. Meanwhile, the President’s Operation Warp Speed stands on the brink of delivering Americans a life-saving vaccine. WATCH more Mark Levin: https://blazetv.com/levin