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Media Hysteria And The Insurrection That Wasn’t

  • In the worst case yet of media hysteria, the Media Industrial Complex accused President Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection, when about 100 cretins breached the Capitol.
  • Listening to the media hysteria, I laid part of the blame on President Trump when I wrote a post last week. The Capitol breach is far more complicated than it originally looked.
  • With 20/20 hindsight, this situation needs far more scrutiny than what we saw on our screens. It used to be said that the unblinking eye of the camera told the truth. So not true. The camera only gives you a sliver of the truth.
  • As the Democrat leaders became more frenzied in their calls for Trump to resign or Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and threatened a second Impeachment Trial, it made me question the sequence of events. There are times when a situation is just too convenient.
  • Trump was late to his talk at the Save America rally.Nowhere in his rally talk did Trump incite violence. I have watched the speech twice now.
  • The distance from the Ellipse to Capitol Hill is about 1.6 miles or about 35 minutes. Except, I walked with a Trump rally crowd on December 11. Because everyone was talking and taking pictures and there were people with walkers and canes, it took longer than it should have.
  • Think about all of the Trump rallies you have seen. Those are happy, law-abiding people. If Trump had told them to breach the Capitol, they would have said, “Are you nuts?” But, the media hates us.
  • The rally participants are walking to the Capitol, but the breach has already begun. According to USA Today, law enforcement began contact with protesters at ten minutes after 1.00 P.m. Eastern Time. Notice Trump was still talking.
  • Yes, it’s all so weird. Squish Republicans can’t wait to throw Trump overboard to save their own careers. As our guest blogger wrote, there is the feel of a script to this. So many questions. No answers. Olympic leaps to conclusions.
  • Trump didn’t encourage violence and I beg his forgiveness and yours. I let the media hysteria get the better of me. The whole point of this pointless, deadly mise en scene was to blame Trump.

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