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Monday 12/21: Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends) by DB Daily Update

Californians may all go to hell. As for the Rose Bowl, it shall go to Texas.
Sort of. – In a sign of our disastrous times, officials for the College
Football Playoffs announced on Sunday that the semi-final game previously
planned to be played in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California will be moved
to Elon Musk’s new home of Texas.

God Bless Texas.

Think about it: Gavin Newsom is so hell-bent on destroying the middle class
in his own state that he’s just happy as a clam to not only lose Musk and
California’s last remaining auto manufacturer to the Lone Star State, but
he has no qualms whatsoever about seeing Pasadena and the greater Los
Angeles area lose the hundreds of millions in economic benefits provided by
the Rose Bowl and the accompanying Tournament of Roses Parade cancelled and
lost to a competing state.

Oh, there will technically be a “Rose Bowl” game played in that venerable
old dump of a stadium, but there will be no fans in the stands because
COVID and stuff or something. Meanwhile, Newsom himself will no doubt be
ignoring the draconian restrictions he’s imposing on the general population
and partying it up with his lobbyist pals and state health officials at a
fancy restaurant with no masks because they all know that those
economy-killing restrictions don’t do a damn thing to slow the spread of
this virus. That’s because those restrictions are ostensibly aimed at
retarding the growth of asymptomatic spread of the virus, and it turns out
that that probably is not even a thing.

You don’t have to believe me about that: Just read the results of the study
discussed here [1], in which scientists in Wuhan, China looked at the cases
of 10 million people and found not a single case that resulted from
asymptomatic spread. NOT A SINGLE CASE.

That study was released on November 22, and naturally has been completely
ignored by the corrupt U.S. news media.  

If you don’t trust a Chinese study – because, hey, who would? – you might
want to take a look at what Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the WHO’s
emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, told the global press back in June:

“From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic
person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual.” She added
for emphasis: “It’s very rare.”

Oh. It’s “very rare,” apparently, as in it doesn’t happen, not at all. Yet,
every business shutdown, every general population lockdown, every order to
wear a mask and avoid seeing your family unless your name is Deborah Birx
(more on that in a moment) we have been subjected to since March has
supposedly been aimed at slowing that exact kind of spread.

Thus, while Texas and other Red states are comparatively prospering,
California, Michigan, New York, New Jersey and myriad other Blue states are
dying on the vine over a pure lie.

Speaking of Dr. Birx… – The Queen of All Scarves got herself into a bit
of a pickle over the weekend when it was revealed that, after demanding
that everyone else in America avoid seeing their families over
Thanksgiving, she and about a dozen of her relatives flew off to party over
the holidays at a luxurious family vacation home.

From a report at the Daily Mail [2]:

_Dr Deborah Birx ignored her own Thanksgiving advice traveling to her
Delaware vacation home with three generations of her family from two
different households._

_The coordinator of the White House coronavirus response was accompanied by
her husband Paige Reffe, one of her daughters, son-in-law and two
grandchildren for the Black Friday trip._

_She had warned Americans to ‘be vigilant’ and limit celebrations to ‘your
immediate household.’_


But never fear, the Queen of All Scarves sez the three generations of her
family did not convene together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Oh, no, you see,
they actually did it in order to get the luxurious family vacation home
ready for the winter:

_’I did not go to Delaware for the purpose of celebrating Thanksgiving,’
Birx said in her statement, adding that her family shared a meal together
while in Delaware._

_Birx, who has two adult daughters Devynn and Danielle, declined to be
interviewed by The Associated Press but said that everyone on her Delaware
trip belongs to her ‘immediate household,’ even as she acknowledged they
live in two different homes. _

Holy crap. You just could never make this stuff up, folks.

Speaking of destroying the middle class… – How about that midnight
bailout bill that the Democans and Republicrats in congress pushed out in
the dead of night last night, huh?  

Everyone was expecting the $900 billion COVID relief bill the swamp rats
pushed out, but no one – most certainly not the stock markets, which are
crashing this morning – were anticipating they’d also agree to the $1.4
trillion omnibus spending/bailout bill they also decided to impose on the
already debt-strapped U.S. economy. The final vote on that monstrosity,
supposedly designed to fund the government through next July, will take
place today, with the text naturally not released to the public.

Hey, we voted for these scumbags. Or at least, Dominion Systems claims we
did, so quit your bitchin’.

As if that wasn’t all enough, Politico reports [3]that the Democans and
Republicrats aren’t done yet, as San Fran Nan promises to jam another
gigantic bailout/spending bill through once China Joe Potato Head Biden has
been sworn into the presidency:

_Speaker Nancy Pelosi repeatedly said Democrats would immediately pursue
another bill when Joe Biden is sworn in as president and predicted at a
press conference on Sunday night that “there will be some Republican
senators that will see the light.” She and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
touted that this agreement is the second-largest stimulus bill ever._

If that all sounds familiar, well, it should. Think back to late 2008/
early 2009, and you will remember that this is the exact same playbook the
Democans and Republicrats followed when Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self
was installed into the presidency, resulting in the single greatest
transfer of wealth from the middle class to corporate America and Democrat
support groups in U.S. history.

Here we go again.

That’s all for now. Be careful out there.

David Blackmon