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Payment Processor Stripe Terminates Trump, Preventing Campaign From Receiving Donations

  • Stripe, the popular payment-processing platform, has reportedly ended all ties with the campaign of President Trump and cut the campaign’s payment-processing services, thereby preventing the Trump campaign from accepting credit-card donations.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Stripe is blacklisting the Trump campaign after the breach at the Capitol Building last week.
  • The financial tech company,valued at $36 billion and founded by Irish citizens Patrick and John Collison, is one of the most prominent choices for handling online payments for millions of online businesses and is integrated into various donation platforms.
  • Stripe claims that President Trump violated the company’s policies against “encouraging violence” following events on Capitol Hill.
  • Per Stripe, its decision is justified under its terms of service, under which users agree that they will not accept payments for “high risk” activities which include any business or group that “engages in, encourages, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence or physical harm to persons or property.”
  • The New American has previously drawn the comparison of the current tech crackdown on right-wing views with the events that followed the Reichstag Fire in Germany in 1933.
  • In 2021 in America, an “assault on the legislature” is likewise being used to stamp out the establishment’s opposition, as anyone holding a pro-Trump position is now being accused of inciting violence.
  • The purge is not only a threat to freedom of speech and to the cause of conservatism (as it makes it harder to diffuse the truth), but is rapidly creating a divided, polarized America that will be a fertile ground for civil war.

Read the FULL article over at New American by clicking here


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