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Pressure to disrespect America: Watch how most on the team act like good little Marxists… All hail the new Marxist Order of Biden?

Or a call for a real American revolution if everything goes against justice?

A scenario that could happen… as terrible that it sounds, this seems a far better alternative to allowing the end of our freedom. Understand that in Georgia the Democrats have UNLIMITED fake ballots under current warped fake law. They will take both Senate seats no matter what we do, and pack the Supreme Court, create more Leftist states and destroy our very freedom one step at a time. So…

Sometime in January……

They think they can steal our election in the same way, by making all media say the same lies. Well they are about to find out what will happen if they steal this election. They will come to understand what the 2nd means and is for. WE WILL NOT let the Marxists take our nation like they have taken sports. We will not let our children be thrown into gulags under a fake President and fake world view of globalism designed to destroy our Constitution. We will fight and we will die if needed. But our children and grandchildren will stay free, and the Democrat Party and Deep State will bedestroyed from shore to shore along with the tech overlords.

Proposal to Trump: If the Supreme Court dishonors our Constitution and all Legislatures dishonor their own state Constitutions under the same kind of fake pressure mounted on these girls on the soccer team, all bets are off.

If they think they can steal our nation, destroy all freedom, we reserve the right to fight for freedom.

President Trump can hold an EMERGENCY broadcast, forcing all media to carry it. Tell the world of the impending Marxist dictatorship being tried by the tech titans. Tell the truth of the massive voter fraud perpetrated by the Left. No real American would accept it. None do now. Only the lemmings who watch CNN and MSNBC or other fake mainstream media are blinded to some of the facts. The media ply the same Marxist media game they do in China. Simply do not report the news. Insidious and evil, they did it to the nation’s face and STILL Trump won by a landslide with real votes. The anger boils, and America will erupt. Trump can call for a nationwide militia to form and fight if need be to secure our freedom.

He can immediately re-instate the Constitution nationwide allowing all gun stores to stay open and any and all law enforcement ordered to shut them down for any reason. He can either nationalize or directly order them to arrest any Mayor or Governor that issues an order to suppress the Bill of Rights.

Yes – we’re talking a real revolution here, one that we will all then have to face Antifa in the streets, which we will surely destroy. He will have to face down the Deep State once and for all, but with the American people who are still armed, he can and will win 100%. The Second American Revolution can be upon us folks. Are you ready to sacrifice to save our freedom?

Let’s all pray we have brave state legislatures that step up and stop the madness.

Let us pray we have a Supreme Court that will not allow itself to be destroyed by court packing once the Marxists take the two run-off Senate seat elections in January, which is GUARANTEED since nothing has changed in Georgia. The Left has UNLIMITED fake votes and even if the two Republicans were to win by a massive landslide as Trump did in the national election, the fake news will all talk of how Socialism rises, how the Democrats would now have 50 Senate seats and how Kamala will bring ‘justice’ to this nation with the tie breaking 51st vote all Vice Presidents have.

NO – I think not. Freedom is not free folks.