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RSBN warns RINOs not to impeach as Dems try to make Maga rallies illegal

  • Democrats in both the House and Senate are planning to draft legislation to classify MAGA rallies as “domestic terrorist activity” and require the FBI, DOJ, and DHS to take steps to prevent such “domestic terrorism.” Sen. Durbin is leading the effort along with Rep. Schneider, Paul Sperry reports.
  • Rightside Broadcasting is warning the Republicans who vote to impeach that there will be a full PEACEFUL response. They will be primaried out of existence. Unfortunately, McConnell is retiring and we won’t be able to reject him should he betray the President.
  • Cheney’s got to go but it’s Wyoming and they love the Cheney family there.
  • Some are calling for an end to the party but the Republican moderates need the Magas and the Magas need the moderates. We need numbers. Magas are responsible for broadening the base, not moderate establishment types.
  • RSBN will take on the RINOs and tweeted ,”To ANY GOP member who votes to impeach this President: We will make it our mission to ensure you never make it out of your next primary! We will camp out in your home states and help your opponents reach as many voters as possible!”
  • Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS@RepGosar tweeted “I will be voting NO on the resolution to impeach the president. The vandals and rioters who interrupted my floor motion and speech and prevented me from completing the official business of the House are solely responsible for their actions, not the President.”

Read the FULL article over at Ind. Sentinel by clicking here


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