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The Outright Lies of Equality by Big Tech Organizations

  • We have heard the calls from the LGBTQ groups that say we need to be more accepting and inclusive of their lifestyle in society. We have Black Lives Matter and the calls for putting their agenda and initiatives at the forefront of all aspects of life.
  • Big tech business, was caught in the middle of these events and was quick to welcome each of these with open arms. They released statements, created special platforms, and catered to their every desire.
  • But now, they are showing their hypocrisy by banning conservatives.
  • On Twitter’s website, they claim that all voices are welcome and all voices are needed when talking about their culture and values. That is unless you have a conservative voice but the example set by them are saying otherwise.
  • Facebook say they want a workforce as diverse as the people they serve on the platform, yet they are removing conservative groups left and right from the platform. That does not sound like tolerance and diversity at work.
  • Amazon claims, “We are a company of builders who bring varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to inventing on behalf of our customers.” but recently jumped into the mix as they said they would take action to remove Parler from its Amazon Web Services platform.
  • In one statement Google says, “Google is committed to continuing to make diversity, equity, and inclusion part of everything we do.” Google also took an active role against Parler recently removing the company, without notice, from its application store.
  • Apple claims that the fact that everyone is different is what makes us so great. They talk about their inclusion of different ideas, values, beliefs, lifestyles into their company, and the importance of including everyone. Apple gave Parler notice that they would be delisted if they did not provide a clear moderation plan for content on its application.
  • This is about an attempt to silence millions of Americans. If big tech and big business are going to argue for giving a voice to those who need it, this is their chance to show that they are not biased.
  • Instead, they are failing and showing that they are only concerned with pandering to left-wing causes.

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