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The Shot Heard Round the World 2.0

  • Yesterday, an unarmed female veteran, Ashli ​​Babbit was shot and killed by a US Congressman in the Capitol. She has served in the Air Force for 14 years. The California native has been stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Babbitt was one of four Americans who died yesterday in the Capitol.
  • The Boston Massacre refers to the five unarmed civilians who were shot and killed by the British military on March 5, 1770.
  • Subsequent to that, on April 19, 1775, there was a skirmish between American colonists and British soldiers at Lexington and Concord whicht is considered the beginning of the American Revolution.
  • Will that “massacre” of American patriots by the U.S. government be as significant as the one 250 years ago? Will it be referred to as the 21st Century version of “The shot heard round the world?”
  • Police and law enforcement were told to stand down while vicious anarchists destroyed entire sections of Portland, Seattle, and other cities last year.
  • Meanwhile, American patriots who assembled peacefully in Washington, DC over the last few days were vilified in the press.
  • President Trump as blamed for the actions of others.
  • Members of Congress are acting like the British government did 250 years ago.There’s a “do as we say, not as we do” attitude.
  • The will of the American people doesn’t matter to this Congressional regime.
  • That action was in the form of an egregious attack on American civilians in which a woman was shot and killed. Will this become known as the Washington Massacre?
  • Was it the shot heard round the world 2.0? Is this the beginning of the Second American Revolution?

Read the FULL article over at Independent Sentinel by clicking here


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