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HomeCommunityThe Speech That Will Save America And Make Sure Trump is Re-Elected. Guaranteed! Someone tell him… No one thinks this would NOT work…

The Speech That Will Save America And Make Sure Trump is Re-Elected. Guaranteed! Someone tell him… No one thinks this would NOT work…

If Trump holds an emergency speech, forcing all media to run it, he can save the Republic and freedom… Will he do it? At the very least put this on video or some equivalent… Fast and to the point… America is worth fighting for. Let all state legislators know… let America know…

President Trump: My fellow Americans, This nation now faces the greatest crisis of the last several decades. An Iron curtain, if you will, has descended upon all media. They do not want you to know the truth. The corporate media, by design, is withholding evidence and facts that can and will lead to the destruction of freedom in a very short time.

The Deep State and Democrat operatives, partnered with a company designed to steal votes from the people and suppress the majority, have attempted to destroy our Constitution, and steal this election. If it were not for fake votes that can easily be proven with an audit in the states that all had mysterious stoppages of the vote and then by a miracle gave fake, phantom votes to Joe Biden, enough to make him win the presidency. This can be proven and must be proven, or all freedom is gone. This is a real coup. They have zero intention of letting you know what is going on. So here I am…

In direct violation of the law, in Democrat controlled cities, fake ballots and fake votes are being used to take your freedom away. It is so bad that if we lose this fight, in January the same fake vote methods will be used to take the two runoff Senate elections in Georgia. This will give tyranny a firm foot in America. The Supreme Court will be packed, our borders will be open, and floods of immigrants from third world nations, and 20-30 million current illegals will all be given citizenship. This is the end of the United States as we know. To follow, can easily be gun confiscation, and a real revolution. This can be our future, short term. Or – – WE AUDIT Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada at a minimum. We won these states by landslides with real votes, I can almost guarantee it. You see for hundreds of thousands of fake electronic votes in these states are joined by hundreds of thousands of votes counted illegally, without allowing poll watchers, who were kept so far away that even with binoculars they could not see ballots. This is an affront to freedom, and it can not stand in these United States of America. The American people will not let dictatorship happen. We are not fools and the Deep State cannot pull this one over the population.

I call upon the state legislatures and the courts to stand by the Constitution and fight this now. You must force an audit so the American people know the truth. This must be done, and I do not mean fake recounts like Georgia is currently doing, where the governor literally made a deal with the Left to not check ballots- they are merely recounting fake votes. This cannot stand, an audit is needed and justice must be served, or America is about to become a one party dictatorship. Never again will a Republican be elected to national office, and if Nancy and crew have their way, HR1 will pass making voter fraud, ballot harvesting and other diseased anti-American laws cemented into place. We are at the end of Democracy. The Republic will fall.

To save it, I call upon all state legislatures to correct this immediately. For if you do not, I believe we may very well see a second American Revolution. I pray you understand this and will not allow this travesty and coup against our Constitution to take place. Fight now with the law, before our citizens have to fight with arms to save their lives and our nation’s freedom.

Thank you, and God Bless America….

If President Trump does this, we are saved. The legislatures will rise up (5 of the 6 main states in question have Republican Legislatures) and force an audit.

The Audit will prove the scam and coup, and freedom will be saved.

Someone tell President Trump – GET ON THIS – and force it – any media outlet that does not hold and run your emergency speech, pull the plug, for our nation deserves freedom and this is the biggest emergency we have ever faced…. Please Mr. President, make the speech. Do it, and save your next term, and freedom in these United States of America.

—–Staff of Whatfinger News, And General Dispatch

Emergency Broadcast: Emergency Alert System (EAS): The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is a national public warning system that allows the president to address the American people within 10 minutes during a national emergency. The alerts are sent through broadcasters, satellite digital audio services, direct broadcast satellite providers, cable television systems and wireless cable systems. CLICK HERE

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It’s about to be dropped. This next week it begins… Media will ignore of course but we the people will rally the nation…

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