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HomeCommunityThey admit it, CDC says masks don’t work. But this was never about masks. It is about destroying all small business and freedom to create their dictatorial ‘socialism’

They admit it, CDC says masks don’t work. But this was never about masks. It is about destroying all small business and freedom to create their dictatorial ‘socialism’

Trump must fight and declare martial law, use his EO. We’ve proven voter fraud, so when the last legal case is not addressed by the Supreme Court, if that happens, Trump must act to save this nation. If not, well…. so easy to see… All of the following will happen, and not in order.

  1. Trump is in prison in NY or Federal on fake charges
  2. Trump’s family is ruined. Don Trump Jr is in prison, maybe others.
  3. Senate losses in Georgia are by slim margins, as that is how you play it as the fakers the Left is. They have unlimited fake votes and it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat them thanks to the corrupt ‘Republicans’ (one of which is switching parties now – see link below) in Georgia. They are Republican like Romney is. Better to call them Deep State shills.
  4. Supreme Court is packed with Leftists
  5. Gun confiscation leading to open revolt and a real revolution. (This alone most likely will end the Dems, as I will go all out and know so many ready to fight for freedom. So this might be put off by the Left until they can consolidate power in more ways, with a national armed militia – Antifa storm troopers, if you will.)
  6. Lockdowns all NOT based in science, but obviously designed to destroy as many American businesses and lives and get as many as possible relying on the government for income. This is to only help Marxism and Globalism.
  7. Open borders – 30 million more citizens

We can go on for pages but you already see how if Trump does not fight in ways that have almost never been done, as in martial law – forcing America to see the evidence of the voter fraud, closing down a media outlet in the emergency situation as a warning to others, and taking on the Tech lords, there is no more America.

Your children may be hungry soon, you may be in a gulag as Sander’s own followers haver said on video, exposed by Project Veritas. Antifa will soon arrive at your home to collect your firearms so you can’t fight. In other words – – TRUMP MUST FIGHT for freedom and his own life or America is a thing of the past and China will rule the world.

I prefer to fight. God help us all, but if we need a temporary strongman named Trump to get the evidence out there, evidence of his massive vitory, so be it. Lincoln too had to be a strongma. Jackson as well.

It is time., Presdient Trump – save yourself, save America. On day one – show the evidence, prepare it all and force the whole country to watch via an Emergency Broadcast, as by law all media must carry. Any outlet that does not, warn them ahead of time, that you will shut them, and do it!

America is worth fighting for. There is only one way if the Supreme Court is exhausted in the coming weeks.


That traitor in Georgia: BREAKING! Ga Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Honored By Dems, Switching Parties… He was already acting like a Democrat!

Georgia Reloaded – that video Crenshaw put out for Senate elections doomed to be lost next month if voter fraud is not dealt with ASAP.