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Trump Will Go After Those Who Have Committed Treason Against the American People

  • Pelosi’s shrill voice and tantrums to call forth the 25th amendment, impeachment and take the nuclear codes from the President are nothing but paranoid seizures of desperation. 
  • She knows Trump and the military will come soon to arrest her and all others caught in treason. These will include Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Schumer, Joe Biden, Mike Pence and many more.
  • Real Justice and election results of the people are unfolding, not Impeachment, the 25thamendment, or any other last-minute attack on Trump.  Those last-minute attempts will be like Pelosi throwing a box of Kleenex at Trump and waiting to see if it hurts him. 
  • Pelosi tried going to top military leaders to have them turn on Trump. She was promptly told that Trump is their ‘Commander and Chief’ not Pelosi.
  • Trump and the military have all the proof of their crimes now. This includes, flights, bank accounts, meetings, emails, phone calls, laptops full of info on the election plot, players, witnesses, whistle blowers and machines.
  • All this will be revealed soon by Trump himself at the right time. Google, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter have sealed their traitorous, censorship fate. I can’t wait for their disappearing act.
  • First, the arrests and Intel released through the Emergency Broadcast system and alternative media sources.Trump will speak to us at the right time and is in complete control along with our military.
  • He is doing what he must do to clean out the evil, pedophile – sex trafficking rings, reaching up to the highest levels, Deep state Communists and America haters who intended and planned for many years to seize our freedom, Constitution and Judeo-Christian heritage.
  • In this unfolding movie, Trump and the American good guys win, the evil ones are arrested and rot in prison or are executed for Treason and there are no more excuses nor places to hide for all those who attempted to steal the huge election victory from Trump and the people.

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