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Trump’s Path To Victory

Personally, to root out all enemies and really give this nation a win over the Deep State and corruption, invoking the insurrection act and putting his foot down on big tech is the BEST Option and that would have Trump truly become the Greatest President in American History. Expose Communist China as the owner of Dominion expose the corruption and voter fraud that j8ust took place in an emergency speech and that’s it. No more game. It is save America, or Trump will go down in history as the worst President, letting it fall to Marxism and economic destruction, leading to Chinese global domination.

Will Trump be The Greatest President In History or just be another inmate in the NY prison system or Federal prison system thanks to all of the fake charges the Deep State is ready to inundate him and his family with?

This is the end of the Trump family if he doesn’t act. The end of American freedom and the literal widely known beginning of an American dictatorship helped along by big-tech. Folks – gun control, lockdowns even for global warming fake science – what will we all do without leadership from the White House?

Extreme Times are here, whether Trump saves freedom or not. One way or another, Extreme politics is here. Trump can either be in charge, or be a prisoner.

Here’s the best option – at the video in this link –

Trump and America will win! Trump’s Executive Order: The Option he will execute in days if needed. ‘I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with this threat’