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VIDEO: Ossoff Aide Says He Hides Progressive Values to Sway Georgia ‘Rednecks’

  • Voters in Georgia went to the polls today to vote for two run-off elections for two Senate seats in the state. A Veritas video tape in October captured Osov’s campaign aides, saying the candidate had concealed progressivism to sway Georgia’s ” trouble”. Review again.
  • Ossoff field organizer Dino Nguyen says On the surface, he is trying to portray himself as a moderate leftist so that all Georgians-not our Georgians, but all the country folks and all these things-will be like, “Oh, he is cool, But not far from him “but deep down in his heart is a low-key gradual approach,” Wu Yuanen was admitted in the video.
  • Nguyen explains that Ossoff keeps his progressive beliefs to himself on the campaign trail “because the people here are not open-minded.”
  • Ossoff has also been on the hot seat because of his relationship with a pro-Communist Chinese media outlet and his work fora pro-Islamofascist media outlet out of Qatar.
  • At stake in today’s election are both control of the US Senate and whether the United States will fall to totalitarian one-party rule.

    Read the FULL article over at National File by clicking here


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