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Who pulls the strings in our nation? We are a dictatorship, but by what group or groups?

So here we are.  A dictatorship of some kind that seems well established? Is it the military with CIA that pulls the strings of media (all too proven as intel people say CIA is there re: media) –  and can have even Presidents do as they are told? I guess we’ll know 100% if nothing changes,  if the borders don’t come down,  if Biden gets us into a shooting war or two…  and Biden just does nothing?  Or is this even more insidious and China now rules the U.S. with their own puppet in the White House?  What do you guys think?  

If we have lockdowns that destroy all small business (for even Climate Change coming up), it means the worst case scenario – China already rules the U.S.  and only a real revolution will work to free our nation. Which means they must disarm us next.  We know we no longer choose our leaders…  who is behind it all? To even have Fox betray this nation in our opinion,  to all bow to their masters…. who are???  I’m setting up a page at General Dispatch for input from you guys. (This page) as if it even matters now? If Trump just goes away, it is looking like the Military and CIA rule – – – now we sit here wondering who are the masters of the US? What form of dictatorship have we become, and when did it first happen? Are the supposed conspiracy folks right from the start? Since the Kennedy assassination we’ve been a military dictatorship – hidden as well as possible. I mean even Obama kept bombing as the Pentagon wanted…. so then our politicians only have limited freedom then? Just like Trump who was forced to hire people who did what they wanted or even detested Trump, like the current FBI head Wray – who tells them all what to do? These are the questions we must know, am I right? I admit I really have no idea. But when we have what just took place, and one side just goes along with it all and the other now joins in… My anger just boils. Are we to consider our (up to now) incredible President as just a low-life like the rest? Only the Best of the lowlife Deep State agents? I admit I have no idea now. Sgt Pat