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WikiLeaks’ Assange denied bail by London court over risk he might abscond again

  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was refused bail
  • Judge said he might try to ensure extradition in the United States again to avoid justice. Ten years later, he angered Washington by publishing a large number of secret documents.
  • But Judge Vanessa Baraitser rejected this request on the grounds that he spent seven years at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London after escaping from justice earlier in 2012.
  • Assange’s fiancee, Stella Moris, said it is a huge disappointment and urged the United States to pardon him.
  • WikiLeaks released a classified US video showing the Apache helicopter attack in 2007 that killed dozens of people in Baghdad, including two Reuters news personnel.
  • Assange’s lawyer, Edward Fitzgerald, said it was not certain U.S. President-elect Joe Biden would continue to pursue Assange’s extradition.
  • His lawyer said Assange would have lived at a London address with an electronic tag if freed.
  • Assange was sentenced to jail for violating British bail conditions, and his supporters confiscated a deposit of £93,500 (US$127,076). He sought asylum there to avoid being extradited to Sweden, where he was wanted for interrogation of suspected sex crimes.
  • Dobin said that the United States will appeal the decision not to extradite Assange. She said that his mental health problems were not as serious as the legal team pointed out, and the ruling set a high standard because no state can completely eliminate the risk of suicide.

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